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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Special Offer for Autumn 2017

Discover Doreen's first book and have a limited edition (one of only 1000) to treasure. The Doreen Valiente Foundation is pleased to announce a Special Offer of Where Witchcraft Lives, Limited Edition, Hardback book for the Autumn period. Get your copy here:…

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Witchfest 2017 Meet and Greet

Come to Witchfest 2017 in Brighton Sussex and meet the team - Please visit our Facebook Page Event to show you would like to come Meet and Greet event link on Facebook

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lupercalia - What's in a Wolf Whistle?

As we are in the time of the Roman - or possibly pre-Roman festival of Lupercalia, Feb 13 - 15th, I thought I would find out if it had any links to the Christian St Valentines day 14 February.

My research confirmed my suspicions, that Pope Gelasius I, had super-imposed St Valentines day onto the Pagan festival of Lupercalia.
Valentines day is named after 2 men who had been executed by Emperor Claudius II — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honoured by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's Day.

I must say the Roman festival sounds more fun and more likely to achieve its purpose of fertility (see the heat map of births which coincide with a gestation which would follow conception on or around the festival).
The name Lupercalia comes from latin - lupus - meaning wolf, and the Lupercal was the cave where the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf.
This brings me neatly to the Roman goddess Venus - who was the mother of the Roman people through her son Aenaeus, the goddess who tames Warriors but gives them victory too. Venus who turns the hearts of men and women from sexual vice into virtue, a goddess of disparate functions, is very much present at this time of year. Oh and the wolf whistle? - that's about lust!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Brighton Bewitched 2016

The Doreen Valiente Foundation will be back in Brighton for Witchfest 2016. Witchfest is on 25th/26th/27th November which is also the final weekend for the display of Doreen's artefacts at Preston Manor. We'll have a stall out with the other community and charity organisations during some of the day where you can buy books, merchandise and Foundation memberships as well as a few "Witchfest specials" (which you can also buy online from our webstore).

Of course Witchfest will see us take to the stage again, one year on from John Belham-Payne making the announcement about the opening of the exhibition. As mentioned above, Witchfest weekend will be the last chance to see the exhibition, just up the road in Brighton at Preston Manor - click here for more details ) and we'll be looking back at this historic year, talking about the exhibition and our future plans and remembering John who so tragically passed away in February, just before the exhibition opened. We'll also have our trustee Ashley Mortimer popping up on the Witchfest "Ask A Witch Panel"

As if that wasn't enough, there's the new play about Doreen Valiente entitled "Doreen, An English Witch" which is playing during the weekend with it's final performance on the Sunday afternoon - More information here.

For those without tickets for the play, or those who want to have a bit of a gathering on the Sunday morning, we'll be at the Marlborough Theatre from 11.30am on Sunday 27th where you can come and chat to us, get directions to Preston Manor or just warm up for the play in the afternoon.
Doreen Valiente Foundation The Doreen Valiente Foundation is a charitable trust dedicated to the protection and preservation of pagan heritage and to making it accessible to the public. Support us by donating money, sponsoring us or by buying books and merchandise from the Doreen Valiente Webstore

Monday, 13 June 2016

Upcoming event - Remembering Gerald Gardner - a day of talks at Preston Manor, Saturday 18th June, 10:30am, Brighton

Celebrate Gerald Gardner's 132nd birthday next week. Ashley Mortimer, Philip Carr Gomm and Tam Campbell will be at Preston Manor to discuss Gardner's place in modern pagan history, including a reading of his historic 1955 talk, believed to be the first legal public talk about witchcraft since the repeal of the 1735 witchcraft act.
Gardner's original Book of Shadows will be on display with artefacts from the Doreen Valiente collection. Tickets are included in the price of entry to Preston Manor, although limited spaces are available for each talk.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Doreen Valiente - Witch, biography book launch at Treadwells Book Shop London

Doreen Valiente's Official Biographer, Philip Heselton and his wife Hilary.
The day arrived, 21st February 2016, and we were all assembled in the basement of Treadwells Book Shop in London, for the book launch. The room was packed, and there was a great atmosphere.

The proceedings were opened by Ashley Mortimer who has without a doubt worked very hard to get the book into publication, this book is now the centre piece of the Centre For Pagan Studies ever growing publications.

Philip Heselton gave an insightful talk into the life of Doreen Valiente, which included the part about the mystery of Doreen's activities during the Second World War.

Julie Belham-Payne took the floor and spoke for a short while, she called for a short silence to mark the death of her husband, John Belham-Payne, and then after thanks to all those who were involved in the publication of this magnificent book, she called for three cheers for Philip Heselton. A very enthusiastic applause followed.

Then a presentation by Christina Oakley-Harrington, proprietor of Treadwells Bookshop on witches and the media. The slide show was wonderful and it was really informative as well as enjoyable to see many images of sky clad witches, and some who just couldn't go the whole way so wore a necklace as a token gesture!

After that a short film on the life of Doreen which included clips of Doreen actually speaking.

Following on, a reading of "Elegy for a Dead Witch" by Sarah Kay.

Then we were treated to Ginger Wine, cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off), and Battenburg cake - all favourites of Doreen's.

The book can be purchased online from our online store:
and all profits support the Doreen Valiente Foundation.